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Parramatta Leagues Club participates in the ClubGRANTS scheme, a community development funding program sponsored by local clubs and administered by Parramatta City Council. This scheme enables registered clubs to provide grants for specific community development and support projects.

Each year Parramatta Leagues Club provides grants for valuable projects in the Parramatta community. In the 2012-2013 ClubGRANTS year Parramatta Leagues Club provided $993,769.35 to worthy organisations.

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Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people. These projects encompass Community Welfare & Social Services, Community Development, Community Health Services and Employment Assistance Activities.

A ClubGRANTS Local Committee is established each year to identify local priorities and needs for grants and to make recommendations to local clubs. Parramatta City Council coordinates the Scheme in the Parramatta LGA for expenditure defined as 'Category 1’.
For further information on the ClubGRANTS scheme contact the Parramatta City Council Community Capacity Building Team on 9806 5110 or click here.

Category 2 funding is generally for projects not listed or eligible for Category 1 funding such as Sport and Recreational Clubs, Cultural Activities - Visual/Performing Arts, Charity Fundraising, Medical Research and in-kind services such as Complimentary Room Hire, Fundraising Products and Prizes and Training Facilities for Elite Athletes.

Applications for other forms of assistance (Category 2 grants) are dealt with directly by local clubs.

Parramatta Leagues Club welcome all requests for charitable donations, however due to the volume received is not able to support every request.

Requests must be made in writing to the Board of Directors and include: 

    •     Details on the event or cause 
    •     Specific details on how the Club can support the event or cause 
    •     How the request will benefit the local community 
    •     How the partnership will benefit Parramatta Leagues Club

The Board of Directors meet once a month, therefore written submissions need to be provided at least two months prior to the date required in order to be considered.

Requests should be addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Parramatta Leagues Club
PO Box 2428
North Parramatta NSW 1750

Please Note: The above information only applies for requests to Parramatta Leagues Club. 

Click here for details relating to donation requests from the Parramatta Eels (Football Club).

Category 3 funding is automatically paid by the club into the NSW Government’s ClubGRANTS Fund on a quarterly basis to support and develop large scale State-wide projects or services such as Sports Venues and Facilities, Hospitals and Community Health Services, Youth Facilities, Child Care Facilities, Aged Care Facilities, Educational Facilities, Emergency Services Facilities, Parks and Recreation, Community Housing and Community Transport. In addition to the Category 1 & 2 amount above Parramatta Leagues Club has donated $198,203 taking the total donations for the year to $1,369,245.
Alternatively, click here for more detailed information on the ClubGRANTS guidelines and eligibility requirements from Clubs NSW.

Parramatta Leagues Club has a proud record of supporting organisations within our community. 

Parramatta Advertiser Article:

"Parramatta Leagues Club donates almost $400,000 to charity"
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