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Update on OLGR investigation of Parramatta Leagues Club - 02.11.14

Dear Members of Parramatta Leagues Club and Supporters of the Parramatta Eels

On Friday afternoon, I received correspondence from the CEO of the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) detailing 16 grounds of complaint (with multiple examples within each ground) against the Parramatta Leagues Club (PLC), select members of the former PLC Board and a former executive of the company.
Based upon a lengthy and wide-ranging investigation from the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR), ILGA have issued show cause notices against five individuals on the grounds that they are not fit and proper to be directors of a registered Club.

OLGR has also recommended that the Parramatta Leagues Club face a fine of up to $275,000 as a result of the actions of these five individuals.

There are multiple breaches within the sixteen grounds of complaint and the charges against the individuals can be summarised as a systemic and concerted effort to avoid the most basic governance principles for personal gain. In addition OLGR have also found grounds for complaint against two of the individuals in relation to membership tampering before the PLC elections in May 2013.

It’s important to note that the OLGR investigation is based upon information provided voluntarily by the Club in late 2013 and the Club provided further information to OLGR following the discovery of membership tampering in May of this year. The Club has already made regulatory compliance and governance a major priority over the 12 months and will review the OLGR documents to assess progress against these governance issues.
The following extract included with documents supplied on Friday by ILGA accurately captures the extent of their concerns:

The assessment also identified habitual disregard by the Club, Directors, and the Secretary to the Clubs membership of ClubsNSW and its Code of Practice and Guidelines and similar disregard to the Clubs own Directors and Executive Team Guidelines and other policies. The aggregated contraventions identified suggest a culture of regulatory non-compliance at the Club, with their own Director and Executive Management codes, policies and procedures rhetorical rather than practice.

In addition to the show cause notices, the Club was provided with a total of 6,149 pages of evidence including transcripts and other investigation material. After reviewing these materials and in light of the ILGA advice, I intend to progress a range of actions whilst continuing our cooperation with OLGR and ILGA.

These include:

  • Suspension of current members issued with show cause notices
  • Commencement of disciplinary action against members adversely named in the report as contributing to regulatory or compliance breaches
  • Consideration of legal proceedings against members, individuals or businesses who obtained a financial benefit through these breaches 
  • Defamation proceedings against individuals who have made malicious claims and harassed the current Board and management team during the investigation process.

I regret having to report these matters to members however I anticipate that with the ILGA’s decision to progress these matters, the Club and the Eels can close this chapter and put all its resources into service delivery and football performance following the transformation strategy of the last 12 months.

Following a successful year which saw much change successfully implemented, I hope the future reports consist of less regulatory news and more about the positive changes the Club is making to benefit its members and guests.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support.

Bevan Paul
Parramatta Leagues Club

Eels Welcome Tata Motors

The Dyldam Parramatta Eels are proud to announce TATA Motors as the front of shorts sponsor for the 2014 NRL season. TATA Motors is India’s largest automobile company and specializes in commercial vehicles. Established in 1945, it is now the world’s fourth largest bus and truck manufacturer. While relatively new to the Australian market, TATA has grown significantly in recent times to have multiple dealerships across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. TATA Motors Australia Managing Director, Darren Bowler, is excited to be a part of a club with such a large and loyal Member and supporter base.
“We are extremely proud to be partnering with the Parramatta Eels as we continue to build awareness of the Tata Motors brand in Australia,” Bowler said.
"The Parramatta Eels and Tata Motors brands align well, having similar visions, values and cultures, and we are both building towards in big things in 2014.”
“This partnership is a perfect fit.”
This partnership announcement with TATA Motors is the latest in a string of corporate successes for the Eels in recent times. Apparel sponsorship is at an all time high for the club and CEO Scott Seward sees plenty of synergy between the Parramatta Eels and TATA brands in 2014.
“We really are looking to associate ourselves with companies that have similar values and like us strive for excellence in everything they do,” Seward said.
“In TATA Motors we believe we have found that.”

Meet the Eels in our Blue and Gold Blitz

This week, the Dyldam Parramatta Eels are hitting the streets of Western Sydney to thank our community for their support and passion for all things Blue and Gold! The Blue and Gold Blitz will see players at train stations, shopping centres and junior rugby league registration nights around greater Western Sydney over the next week - and you can meet them and say hello! Every person who comes and says hello to the Eels team out and about this week gets a voucher that can be redeemed for a free ticket to one of our home games this season at Pirtek Stadium in Parramatta or ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park. 
So if you see the Eels players at a train station, shopping centre or junior registration night, make sure you say hi so you can be take home your free ticket!You’ll also have the opportunity to buy a 2014 Membership wherever the Eels players are this week, so if you haven’t yet become part of the Blue and Gold Army for this year, you’ll be able to join!

Blue and Gold Blitz: Parramatta Station

The Dyldam Parramatta Eels have kicked off the Blue and Gold Blitz at Parramatta interchange this morning! Mitch Allgood, Ben Smith, Tim Mannah, Luke Kelly and Darcy Lussick were handing out free tickets, as well as signing autographs, taking photos and thanking our loyal fans! The Blue and Gold Blitz is taking place all week, with Eels players at train stations, junior rugby league registration nights, shopping centres and more - all around Western Sydney, giving away tickets!

Blue and Gold Blitz in Westmead!

The Blue and Gold Blitz made its second stop at Westmead Station, with co-Captain Jarryd Hayne spreading the word and giving away tickets to Dyldam Parramatta Eels home games!The Blue and Gold Blitz is taking place all week, with Eels players at train stations, junior rugby league registration nights, shopping centres and more - all around Western Sydney, giving away tickets! It's one way of saying thank you to the incredible local community in Western Sydney for their support of the mighty Parramatta Eels.

Eels #TackleBullying in Alice Springs

The Dyldam Parramatta Eels have paid a visit to 16 schools across Alice Springs to promote #tacklebullying, the NRL’s anti-bullying initiative. The players shared some of their own bullying experiences with over 1200 children in the region, as Game Development and educational staff from Sydney and the Northern Territory taught the groups the five steps to #tacklebullying – Stand Strong; Stay Calm; Respond Confidently; Walk Away and Report. Dyldam Parramatta Eels forward Ben Smith, an ambassador for the Black Dog Institute, took great pride in explaining the role players have in delivering the #tacklebullying message.
“As athletes and role models in the community, we have a responsibility to put our best foot forward and show the young kids that if you act your best and put your best foot forward, its not right to bully, and we have a right to say no to that,” Smith said.
"Bullying is a part of everything as a young kid growing up, and for us as the NRL and as a team trying to promote anti-bullying, it’s something we don’t want to stand for and we don’t accept.”
Accompanying the players to Centralian Middle School was NT Chief Minister Hon. Adam Giles, who saw today as an example of the positive impact the Eels can have through not just playing games in the region, but being leaders in the community.
“The game Saturday night is one element of the partnership, but getting out to schools and spreading the message about being good to your family, being a good community citizen and also spreading the message about anti-bullying and what you can do for your fellow students and your fellow community members at a young age is a really important message," Mr. Giles said.
With the Parramatta Eels playing their first trial match for the season against the Wests Tigers this Saturday night, Smith says he's excited to get out onto the field.
"You do take it seriously - some guys look at it to blow the cobwebs out, and we do have a few young blokes playing as well," he said.
"But obviously we have the Auckland Nines next week, so we’re saving a few guys like that, but if you don’t give it your all, you can be left a bit embarrassed, so we’re here to play football."

Parramatta Leagues Club donates almost $400,000 to charity

Parramatta Leagues Club director Peter Serrao with Northcott client family Diana Jelovic and her children, Laura, 12, Georgina, 10, Tom, 8, and Genevieve, 5. Source: News Limited

A GENEROUS donation to Northcott’s Plan With Families program will make life easier for parents like Diana Jelovic. Ms Jelovic’s son Tom, 8, was diagnosed with autism and intellectual delay at two and has since also been diagnosed with ADHD. She said he had serious behavioural problems. “He escapes from everywhere. He loves to run and be free,” she said.

“He runs off his own agenda, so he’ll do what he’s told if it benefits him. 
It’s very hard to get him to behave. He runs around yelling and screaming.”

Ms Jelovic said because Tom looks “fine”, it’s hard for the average person to realise that he doesn’t understand how to behave.
She said the workshops offered in the Plan With Families program made life easier.

“You need to have a strategy (to deal with different situations),” she said.
“Sometimes I have found some problems don’t have a solution, but the workshops help you to deal with those situations for your own mental health.”

Parramatta Leagues Club donated $9072 to Northcott through the ClubGRANTS program, where clubs that earn more than $1 million in gaming revenue provide funding for community projects and services, receiving dollar-for-dollar gaming tax deductions. 
Club director Peter Serrao said in the last round of grants, the club had given away almost $400,000 to 37 charities.

“We get a lot of people who come in and support the club, so we’re happy to give back to the community,” he said. 
“The charities had to apply and state where the money was going to and the positive outcomes it would provide. Parramatta Leagues is one of several clubs which is part of a local committee. In total the committee supported 51 charities.”

Mr Serrao said Parramatta Leagues Club has had a long history of supporting Northcott, with photos of players in the 60s interacting with children when the organisation was the NSW Society for Crippled Children. 
Northcott’s Person Centred Behaviour Support manager Aby Hutchinson-West said many families were on waiting lists for
behaviour support but need help now.

“This donation from Parramatta Leagues Club will allow us to give them that,” she said.
“Northcott’s behaviour team helps understand what (the children) are struggling with, which could be things like not being able to communicate their needs or being overwhelmed due to sensory issues.”

Click here to view a list of the worthy recipients


Chairman Secures Parramatta Stadium Deal

Eels Chairman Steve Sharp has erased all doubts about the long term home base for the Eels, with his signing of the contract with Venues NSW this week. This contract sees Parramatta Stadium continue to be the “Home of the EELS” for not only the next three years but with an option to extend it for a further two years, through to the end of the 2017 season.

All of this has been achieved in what is reportedly a million dollar better deal commercially per annum for the Eels, but more importantly honouring the inspirational site of Cumberland Oval now Parramatta Stadium and delivering to our members and fans the importance of location and tradition. The contract will see a minimum of eight games per season hosted at Parramatta Stadium though with recent meetings with NSW Minister for Sport Graham Annesley and Lord Mayor John Chedid, the possibility of an upgrade to Parramatta Stadium could signal even more than eight games into the future.

Eels Chairman Steve Sharp said “This is an illustration of our commitment to our wonderful members and total supporter base, that we can achieve the necessary balance between acting commercially and delivering traditionally. Furthermore our ongoing endeavours for this precinct are to deliver a Centre of Excellence for Head Coach Ricky Stuart & the Eels that allows us to provide necessary state of the art facilities to exceed the benchmarks of the best clubs and position us to recruit, retain and develop a team capable of long term success”.

Club steps up for people with blood cancer

The Leukaemia Foundation acknowledges the incredible support it continues to receive from Parramatta Leagues Club. In 2012 the Leukaemia Foundation received a generous grant from the Parramatta Leagues Club of $23,562.50.

The grant money was used to help the Foundation continue its patient transport service, provide financial assistance to people and their families affected by blood cancer as well as improve the Foundation’s accommodation facilities at Westmead.

“This generous grant has allowed the Leukaemia Foundation to provide important services in the local Parramatta community.” said Chris McMillan, General Manager for the Leukaemia Foundation.

With over 4,000 people diagnosed each year in NSW and no ongoing government support, funding such as that provided by Parramatta Leagues through the ClubGRANTS scheme is vital for the Foundation to continue its work.

Everyday 31 Australians receive the devastation diagnosis of blood cancer – that’s 31 too many. You can help the Leukaemia Foundation support these people whose lives change drastically upon diagnosis.

To find out more about the Leukaemia Foundation and it Mission to Care and Vision to Cure, visit