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The Green Bus


The Parramatta Shuttle Bus (formerly The Loop) is a free transport solution that connects tourists, residents and commuters to the commercial, retail and recreational landmarks of the city.

The free Parramatta Shuttle Bus runs every 10 minutes, seven days a week.

Timetable (from Parramatta Station)

Monday to Friday
Between 7.00am and 6.30pm

Saturday and Sunday
Between 8.00am and 4.00pm

The free Shuttle Bus is a great way to get around Parramatta – it’s fast, free and easy to find.

The Parramatta free Shuttle Bus operates on a continuous loop around the city centre – connecting rail, bus and ferry transport interchanges with local clubs and shops, and other community hubs.

You don’t need a ticket or a timetable – just look out for the green bus and jump on board.

Parramatta City Council introduced The Loop service in 2008. This Parramatta Shuttle Bus now runs seven days a week and is coloured bright green, after the State Government announced it will fund the service.

The Shuttle Bus Stops

1. Parramatta Station (Darcy Street)
Transport Interchange - Bus and Rail, Westfield, Parramatta City Council and Library

2. Westfield (Argyle Street)
Westfield, Church Street Mall, Church Street South, Department of Immigration and Citizenship

3. Law Courts (Marsden Street - South)
Attorney General's Department, Law Courts, Centrelink, Tax Offices, Police Station, Parramatta Park

4. Cathedral (Marsden Street - North)
St Patricks Cathedral, Prince Alfred Park, Riverside Theatres, Our Lady of Mercy College

5. Parramatta Leagues Club (O'Connell Street)
Parramatta Leagues Club, Parramatta Swimming Centre, Parramatta Stadium, Parramatta Park

6. Church Street North (Church Street - North)
North Parramatta Post Office, Commercial Services

7. Prince Alfred Park (Church Street - Mid)
Prince Alfred Park, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta Heritage and Visitors Centre

8. Lennox Bridge (Church Street - South)
Eat Street, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta Heritage and Visitors Centre, River Walk

9. Phillip Street (Phillip Street - West)
Retail, Eat Street and Dining

10. The Wharf (Phillip Street - East)
Parramatta Wharf - Rivercat Terminal, River Walk, Harris Park Heritage Walk

11. Charles Street
NSW Police Headquarters, Shops, Commercial Offices

12. Macquarie Street
Post Office, Commercial Services and Retail, Arthur Phillip High School, Lancer Barracks and Military Museum