Free Shuttle Bus | Parramatta Leagues Club
The Green Bus


The Parramatta Shuttle Bus (formerly The Loop) is a free transport solution that connects tourists, residents and commuters to the commercial, retail and recreational landmarks of the city.

Operating on a continuous loop starting from Macquarie Street near Centenary Square, the shuttle bus also connects rail, bus and ferry transport interchanges with local clubs and shops and other community hubs.

Service takes approximately 25 minutes to complete the loop.

Timetable (from Parramatta Station)

Monday to Friday
Every 10 mins between 7.00am and 6.30pm

Saturday and Sunday
Every 10 mins between 8.00am and 4.00pm

The Free Shuttle Bus is a great way to get around Parramatta – it’s fast, free and easy to find.

You don’t need a ticket or a timetable – just look out for the bus and jump on board.

Bus Stops

  • Centenary Square (Closest to Parramatta Station)

  • Macquarie Street West

  • O’Connell Street

  • Parramatta Leagues Club on O'Connell Street

  • Church Street North

  • Prince Alfred Park on Church Street

  • Lennox Bridge (Note: The Lennox Bridge stop is currently closed until further notice due to construction.)

  • Phillip Street

  • Parramatta Wharf

  • Charles Street

  • Macquarie Street


For the latest information and to see a map of the bus stops, click here.