Parramatta Light Rail enabling work, start March 2019


NEW UPDATE: Parramatta Light Rail Enabling Works, start of Construction, March to May 25 2019.

From March works have commenced to upgrade local road networks to ensure traffic can easily move in and around the Parramatta area.

Many of these enabling road works are not on the Parramatta Light Rail route and will improve and redirect traffic flow when major works begin.

Road works along O’Connell Street in North Parramatta may affect Members and guests travelling to Parra Leagues.

The work will be associated with levels of vibration and noise associated with it as it requires impulsive, tonal or high noise activities, like saw-cutting the roadway, rock breaking, trenching to install new services, compacting equipment to backfill areas and lay new asphalt, vac truck and high-pressure water jetting, and truck and crane movements to install new power poles.

Traffic control will be in place to enable pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to move safely around work areas and ensure access to driveways is maintained. Please follow directions and proceed carefully.

Standard construction hours will be 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 6pm Saturday.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Reception on (02) 8833 0777.

For more information about the Light Rail project, visit (Image courtesy Parramatta Light Rail at Prince Alfred Square).

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