Member Notices


Notice is given that a general meeting of members of the Leagues Club will be held on Sunday 8 December 2019 commencing at 10am in Pablo’s Restaurant, Level 3, Parramatta League’s Club, Parramatta NSW 2150.


Please refer to the notes on the conduct of the General Meeting.


Special Resolution – Adoption of Leagues Club constitution To consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following as a special resolution:“That the constitution in the form signed by the chairman of the meeting for the purposes of identification be adopted as the constitution of the Leagues Club”


How to cast your vote/Your voting material

  1. If you have provided the Club with an email address, your voting material will be sent to you via email.
  2. All other Members will receive voting material via post with a postage paid return envelope


Members are responsible for updating their details with the Club however if you are unsure of how to vote and would like further information or clarification, please contact Kiralee on 02 8833 0764


Voting Online

You may vote directly electronically by visiting and following the instructions. You will require your Parramatta Leagues Club Membership number and PIN. Your PIN is located on the voting form included in your voting material.


Voting by Post

Voting Forms can be lodged by post by sending the completed and signed voting form in the reply paid envelope to Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited, GPO Box 242, Melbourne, VIC 3001.


Please note that voting forms must be received by mail or electronically by Computershare no later than 5pm on 6 December 2019.


By order of the Administrator
Max Donnelly
Administrator of Parramatta Leagues Club Limited
Date: Wednesday 6th November 2019


Click on each of the following links to view the nominated documents:

  1. Letter from Administrator, Max Donnelly to our Members
  2. Notes on the Conduct of the General Meeting
  3. Parramatta Leagues Club’s Current Constitution
  4. Draft Constitution
  5. Directors Handbook
  6. Audit Committee Charter
  7. Risk and Compliance Committee Charter
  8. Constitution Comparison Table

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