Member Notices

Service NSW COVID Check in Update

On your next visit to Parra Leagues you will be required to scan a unique QR code using the camera function on your smartphone before you enter. We recommend downloading the Service NSW app prior to your visit Download Here

Providing your details ensures NSW Health can contact you quickly and easily, if necessary.

If you are a Member or guest you will need to do the following upon entering:

  1. Hold your smartphone camera up to the QR code which can be found on posters at entrance points. Simply hover the camera over the code as if you were going to take a photo of it.
  2. Click the link that pops up on your screen and follow the prompts until you are checked in with the Service NSW app.
  3. Proceed to the Club entry to have your temperature taken and show your phone confirmation to a staff member.
  4. Members will still need to show their Member card and guests will still need to sign in as per legislation.
  5. Don’t forget to check-out when you leave, which you can do from within the app.

If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t worry, our friendly staff will assist you to check-in.

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