TAD FREEDOM WHEELS SERVICE - Parramatta Leagues Club

12 Oct, 2021

TAD Freedom Wheels is a national based service that builds and provides bikes for the disabled. Their purpose is to personalise the wheels for the person living with disability to still be independent.

Parramatta Leagues Club & Vikings Sports Club recently supported the project ‘Freedom Wheels Assessments’ for residents of Parramatta. TAD’s occupational therapist will assess the needs of local children living with disability in Parramatta and design a custom bike that will enable them to ride, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

These assessments will be provided at no cost to the parents/carer’s of children living with disability with the generous support of $3,375 from Parramatta Leagues Club & Viking Sports Club. This project will enable children living with a disability to enjoy freedom of movement through cycling and the benefits from physical activity, emotional wellbeing, social inclusion and community engagement.

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