2023 ClubGRANTS Ceremony - Parramatta Leagues Club
2023 ClubGRANTS Ceremony

11 Aug, 2023

2023 ClubGRANTS Ceremony

Vikings Sports Club was proud to host the annual ClubGRANTS ceremony on behalf of the Local Council and representative Clubs. Together, the 5 Clubs, The Epping Club, Club Parramatta, Toongabbie Sports Club, Vikings Sports Club and Parra Leagues have contributed more than $380K to the community this year alone.

Over the past 8 years, these same clubs have contributed almost $2.5M in support. Such remarkable efforts highlight the commitment these clubs have towards making a difference and uplifting the communities they serve.

While ClubGRANTS is a regulated program that requires Clubs to make significant contributions, the nature of supporting the community has always been at the forefront of our minds. Even before the program’s implementation, Clubs have been actively involved in giving back to their communities, showcasing their longstanding commitment to making a positive impact and fostering a sense of unity and care.

Click below to view the full list of 2023 successful applicants.



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