History - Parramatta Leagues Club - Our Story


Know how we started

Our story began in 1947 when Parramatta Eels entered the Sydney Rugby League Competition.

Over 60 years ago in 1956, it was decided to form a licenced Club to assist fund the Football Club. It started with two Jacks – Jack Argent and Jack Boyle. In partnership, they created “the house that Jack built”.

Parramatta Eels Football Club formed a committee to increase the spirits of the community this is when the search for the perfect spot began.

On his way to training, Argent stumbled across a ‘For Sale’ sign outside a semi-detached house in Ross Street, Parramatta. With the committee agreeing, the house was bought and an application for a liquor licence submitted. Unfortunately, the request was denied and the search for a community hub continued.

Not long after, Jack Boyle discovered a more suitable location up for sale. After speaking to Argent, the deposit was put down for the large brick house off O’Connell Street, backing into Parramatta’s park. But it didn’t take long for more trouble to arise.

Two weeks in from the deposit and the owner of the house passed. Being used as flats at the time, a young man living there was the owner’s son-in-law and he had other plans. It was only for the foresight of Argent having a contract of intentional sale drawn up originally that kept them from losing the sale to the owner’s son-law.

In February 1959, Argent, a builder, began the build for a single story Clubhouse for cost a labour only. The house was purchased for £6,000. After construction of the Clubhouse the total payments amounted to just £34,000. The Club opened for business on 22nd of August 1959. Jack’s house was built.

In the 1960s, an adjoining property was purchased and a second storey as well as a massive third floor auditorium was built.