Story Factory - Parramatta Leagues Club

Parramatta Leagues Club made possible the delivery of two term-long highly successful creative writing workshop programs at Toongabbie East Public School, directly building the literacy and creativity of 34 young people aged 9-12.

Storytellers delivered two 8-week workshop series, ‘Sci-Fai-Kus’ and ‘Dino-scussions’ to two classes of students. They were supported by three trained volunteer writing tutors to create a fun, safe and engaging environment for students to explore their ideas and unleash their creativity.

In total, students completed 218 hours of creative writing workshops, where week after week they were empowered with the skills and confidence to find their voice and shape their future.

Parramatta Leagues Club’s support of term-long Toongabbie East programs enabled Story Factory to work with an additional 34 marginalised young people.