General Meeting - Dural Country Club Amalgamation - Parramatta Leagues Club
General Meeting – Dural Country Club Amalgamation

19 Jan, 2023

It is my pleasure to announce that at last night’s General Meeting our Members came together to support the Club and vote in favor of amalgamation with Dural Country Club.

It was a packed house at both Clubs with well over 100 Members attending in Parramatta and close to 50 Members providing their support at Dundas. I’d like to thank all Members who attended including representatives from our sub-clubs, community partners and Life Members. After a short presentation from our Chief Executive Officer, Chris Dimou, Members voted overwhelmingly in support of both resolutions. This is a major milestone for the Parra Leagues Group and will serve to provide even greater benefits for our Members to enjoy. The final steps of the amalgamation process will begin immediately, and the transition will be completed in the coming months.

Ordinary Resolution – Passed
“That the members hereby approve in principle the amalgamation of Parramatta Leagues’ Club Limited ACN 000 218 655 (Parramatta) with Dural Country Club Limited ACN 000 467 872 (Dural), with such amalgamation to be effected”

Special Resolution – Passed
“That, with effect from the completion of the amalgamation between Parramatta Leagues’ Club Limited and Dural Country Club Limited, the Constitution of Parramatta Leagues’ Club Limited be amended”

Greg Monaghan
Parramatta Leagues Club

On behalf of the Directors, I’d like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming all of our Members at the Dural Country Club.


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