SOUND WEST - Parramatta Leagues Club

Parra Leagues are proud to be part of SOUND WEST music and technology festival during 20-28 August here in Parramatta.

Music, creativity and learning converge in Greater Western Sydney’s Creative hub, Parramatta. We will see tech heavyweights, along with Greater Western Sydney recording artists, producers, sound writers, content creators and more.

This is our great opportunity to showcase what Parramatta has to offer in technical and musical abilities, usually only seen in Sydney CBD. Parra Leagues are right in the centre, bringing sport and music together with brilliant minds, industry leaders, and music enthusiasts to network and enjoy the creativity of Greater Western Sydney artists.

We are excited to host a great line-up of renowned artists and DJ’s live at Jacks Bar and Grill throughout the festival over 4 nights in August.

Check out all of the event details here.

Throughout the week there will be several activation events at the club, including free parking from 9am.

To find out more, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. To check out the full conference schedule and entire live music line up at visit