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Once your membership has been successfully paid and processed, your new Parramatta Leagues Club Membership Card will be mailed to your home address. This card will be delivered via Australia Post and you will receive this within 5-7 business days. There are NO REFUNDS on any membership except as required by law. If you have any further questions regarding your privacy, please view our Privacy Policy.

EXPIRED MEMBERSHIPS - If your Membership is already past its expiry date, please see staff at Reception to re-join, you are unable to renew online.

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  1. I hereby apply for membership of {{constants.venue}} Limited and Vikings Sports Club Limited and acknowledge that my membership will be provisional until approved be the Board of Directors.
  2. Membership fees are non-refundable unless your membership is not approved.
  3. I agree to abide by the Consitution and By-laws of the Club.
  4. On becoming a member of the Club. I will automatically be a part of its Priority Rewards program. I am aware that I can access the program's terms and conditions, and can opt out of receiving marketing material at a later stage if I wish to by seeing Reception of calling {{constants.helpNumber}}.
  5. I understand this information entered into the form can be used by Parramatta Leagues Club for marketing purposes. The data collected will be handled sensitively, securely and in compliance with the Privacy Act requirements. At any time, I will be able to opt out of marketing communications.
  6. I acknowledge that in some cases it is mandatory for the Club to send constitutional updates and notices to all members.


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