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5 Oct, 2021

Learning Links’ mission is to provide the skills, services and family support to children and young people who have difficulties learning. Our specialist educators, psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists work on a one-on-one and group basis. The aim is to deliver evidence-based, high quality support services in literacy, numeracy, speech and occupational therapies, assessments, counselling, family support and professional development.

Parramatta Leagues Club & Vikings Sports Club have been a great long-term supporter of Learning Links for over four years. During this time, the contribution has been over $70,000 in funding for school-based programs in the Parramatta area, helping local children to learn and thrive. Thanks to this generous support and close partnership, Learning Links Speech Pathologists are able to provide free speech therapy services at Yates Ave Public School. Sadly, 85% of their students require speech and language support from Learning Links’ trained professionals. You can find out more about this important work in the following video: https://www.facebook.com/learninglinksau/videos/564599557666085

Impact on COVID

The COVID-19 health crisis has exposed and heightened the vulnerabilities of children with learning difficulties and disabilities, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. As health-related restrictions necessitated a quick transition to online delivery of education, many vulnerable children, already experiencing significant learning gaps, have found themselves unable to continue their schooling effectively at home. A recent survey of teachers and school leaders in Australia and New Zealand, conducted by Pivot and Education Perfect, found that 80 per cent of these teachers believed their students would need extra instructional support when they go back to school. The top three concerns were of social isolation, a decrease in student wellbeing and learning loss.

Counting for Life

Parramatta Leagues Club & Vikings Sports Club’s recent support of Learning Links’ Counting for Life program will provide 12 students opportunities. These students are at risk of falling behind at school, but now have the opportunity to build vital foundational math skills and foster a greater confidence in their learning. Counting for Life will bring together community volunteers and students from a local school to give children struggling with numeracy at a critical stage of their development, one-on-one help for 45 minutes every week over a period of 10 weeks.

Speech Therapy at Yates Avenue Public School – Empowering Children to Learn

A Learning Links Speech Pathologist will continue the important work we have been doing at Yates Avenue Public School by supporting children with their speech and communication. The program will assist children who have trouble with speech sounds, expressing themselves and understanding what others are saying. The pathologists will work alongside classroom teachers to provide targeted individual and small group interventions. With the goal to build the skills and confidence children need to reach their full potential.

“We are so grateful for our ongoing partnership with Parramatta Leagues Club & Vikings Sports Club. Their commitment to their local community, through funding local charities, like Learning Links, is inspiring and enables us to make such a difference to the support we can provide to local children, families and schools who need it the most. The life-changing results children at Yates Ave Public School have achieved are remarkable. Thanks to Parramatta Leagues Club’s recent funding, we look forward to supporting even more children who desperately need our support during these unprecedented times. Thank you.”
– Birgitte Maibom CEO Learning Links

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