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Parramatta Female Factory Friends

10 Jul, 2018


On Saturday 7th July 2018, Parramatta Female Factory Friends held their Ceremony of Dedication, Commemoration and Celebration at Cumberland Hospital – Female Factory site. It marked the Bicentenary of Governor Lachlan Macquarie laying the foundation stone for the Parramatta Female Factory in 1818.

The event included dedication, reflection and commemoration of the lives of the female factory women and celebration of their contributions to Australian history and our lives in contemporary Australia. The dedication ceremony was led by Professor the Hon Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO. As well as a number of other speakers including patrons Tom and Meg Keneally and female factory descendants of the women and staff.

The day included Herstory displays and storytelling, a talks program including Tom and Meg Keneally, Babette Smith, Heather Garnsey, Carol Liston, Gail Davis and Patrick Dodd. Colonial crafts, trade tables, archaeology displays, historical re-enactments, plenty of factory stories shared, traditional Irish and Scottish music and lots of other fun family activities.

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