16 Mar, 2020

Dear Members of Parramatta Leagues Club,

At Parramatta Leagues Club and Vikings Sports Club, we have made a number of changes to ensure that our Clubs are safe and hygienic spaces you can enjoy. We continue to offer great value dining and entertainment options at our venues. Since the beginning of February we have been reviewing Club procedures and I can confirm that the following measures are in place:

Installation of hand sanitiser stations around our Clubs
Simply ask our staff where you can find your closest self-serve station. There are currently over 30 stations around Parra Leagues. These stations have been installed since the first week of February. The Club also has a stockpile of refills.

Removal of cutlery, straws & condiments from open air environments
Cutlery, straws and condiments have been removed from the open air, and will be provided to diners as needed in the ordering process and upon request. This will reduce the risk of airborne contaminants.

Access to personal disinfectants in Kicks
Our bowling balls and arcade games are sterilised, and regularly cleaned for your safety. In addition to this, Kicks Tenpin & Arcade customers will be able to request a personal disinfectant.

Increased cleaning of surfaces & deep cleaning
Our cleaners work round the clock to ensure our Clubs maintain a high level of cleanliness. Extra attention is given to ensure that high use surfaces such as hand rails are thoroughly cleaned. Our Clubs also undergo a daily deep clean while we are closed.

Increased cleaning of gaming areas
Our staff will be on hand to ensure our Club gaming areas and machines, both inside and outdoors, maintain a high level of cleanliness. Our Club gaming areas also undergo a daily deep clean while we are closed.

Food handling & safety
Food production staff will commence wearing additional safety equipment in food preparation areas.

Air conditioning management 
During the bushfires, we worked to recycle air, however our Clubs have now been transitioned to use 100% fresh air.

Water on request
Simply ask our bar staff should you require a glass or jug of complimentary tap water. Our complimentary water stations have been turned off to reduce the risk of airborne contaminants.

Promotions & events to adjust as

Our promotions and events are being reviewed, to ensure patron health and safety. Our websites and social media will be updated accordingly to reflect any changes we may make so that you can enjoy visiting our Clubs.

More protective personal equipment for staff
Staff are there to help Members and guests as best they can, but as a result, they handle numerous patron items. We are equipping our staff to be protected, so from this week they will be wearing disposable gloves to reduce their risk.


UVC (Ultraviolet C) Germicidal Light Solutions
We have UVC units on the way, which will increase hygiene levels in multiple parts of our Clubs. UVC light is used to treat air and reduces airborne contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mould spores, yeast, and protozoa) which will provide healthier air across our facilities.

We are encouraging our staff to follow advice from the Department of Health which involves practising social distancing. We can all do this by avoiding the shaking of hands, hugging and kissing. If you need to cough, do so into your elbow. Regularly wash your hands with soap or use an alcohol based sanitiser. There are lots of tips on how to practice good general hygiene here. If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you plan to visit us at another time.

We want to reassure you that Parramatta Leagues Club and Vikings Sports Club are recreational spaces which are still fun, safe and clean. Feedback from customers and staff has been positive; they have very much appreciated our initiatives taken to date.

If you have any questions about our enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices, you can email me directly As more information becomes available, we will continue to adjust our approach and update you accordingly.

Bevan Paul
Chief Executive Officer
Parra Leagues

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