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Roll the dice and play Parramatta Monopoly

28 Mar, 2023

Roll the dice, Pass Go, and make your way to Parra Leagues and other Parramatta landmarks!

MONOPOLY Parramatta was launched today at the Stadium with Lord Mayor and new Member for Parramatta Donna Davis – Labor for Parramatta taking a Chance and walking the giant board with Mr Monopoly and members of the local Community.

Monopoly is the most loved board game in the world played by more than 1 billion people.

Parramatta Monopoly is a celebration of everything Parramatta has to offer as a destination.

You can find us on the Parramatta edition of Monopoly! We aren’t just on any property of the board, we’re located in a prime position, placed on one of the green properties.

Get yours today and call your mates or family to play! Let the Monopoly fun begin and here’s hoping it doesn’t cause too many arguments.

The new Monopoly: Parramatta Edition is available at Club Shop. Your move!

monoploy man with square Monopoly man

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