Supertee Packing Day - Parramatta Leagues Club
Supertee Packing Day

6 Dec, 2021

Our mission that we chose to accept was to host a Packing Day for Supertee. Supertees are a medical garment designed to let children who are sick imagine that they are the character in the Supertee. This introduces the concept of ‘self-distancing’ where children see choices more clearly, reflect on them more fully and ultimately, exert greater control over their actions. At Supertee, is it referred to “Strength Through Imagination”.

The donation of $10,000 allowed Parra Leagues to donate over 400 Supertees for Westmead Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. The gift that the children receive includes a reusable tin, a comic book, stickers for bravery, a handwritten note and the amazing Supertee.

Tim Mannah commented that “The packing event really opened my eyes to how many kids are in hospital and need this garment in their life. This was the first time we partnered with Supertee and it was granted a success. Our community partners are a big part of who we are as a Club.”

The day itself was broadcast across Alive 90.5FM and we had a few superheroes turn up to help the cause as well. Knowing that we would be putting a smile on children and parents faces, is the main reason why Parra Leagues gives back to the community.

Hearing from a family who was directly affected by Supertee and spends a lot of time in hospital, even years after the initial diagnosis, really showed how much of an impact Supertee has had on family’s lives. Meg Wedderburn commented that the Supertee is “the hug you didn’t know you needed.” It took the burden off her sick child Indy and gave her something else to focus on.

Ronald McDonald House in Greater Western Sydney have been a long-time community partner of Parra Leagues and this donation was the first time they have received the Supertee. It was a major hit with the families.

Parra Leagues + kids wearing Supertees

Ronald McDonald House Kids wearing Supertee donated by Parra Leagues

My dream is to make sure that wherever in the world a parent is given the news their child is battling a terminal illness, that a Supertee is available. With your help, we can make this dream a reality. – Jason Sotiris Founder of Supertee.

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